Price List

PLEASE NOTE : Some images are only available as digital prints, due to the fact that there maybe a slight mark or blemish on the original negative.

DIGITAL PRINTS: Printed using pigment inks for archival permanence.

8"x 5.8" (mounted) £15.00
8"x 5.8" (in 11"x 9.5" frame) £25.00

12"x 8.5" (mounted) £35.00
12"x 8.5" (in 16"x 13" frame) £60.00

16"x 12" (mounted) £75.00
16"x 12" (in 23"x 20" frame) £120.00

20"x 16" (mounted) £120.00
20"x 16" (in 28"x 24.5" frame) £180.00

Other print sizes available, please contact me for price.
Frame sizes are approx depending on moulding.

HANDPRINTS: Archival silver gelatin prints, handprinted by the photographer using traditional darkroom techniques.
Handprints - add 50% onto digital print price.
Mount and frame sizes as for digital prints above.

CANVAS PRINTS: Please ask for quote